dksummit2014-button-200x200bridge1With a just over 100 days until Digital Kids Summit on October 21-22, 2014 in San Francisco we are pleased to announce our first round of speakers, including CEOs and co-founders of some of the leading start-ups in kids games and digital media. Digital Kids Summit gives you what you need to know to create and sell best-of-breed children’s video games and digital media.

Today’s speaker announcement includes:

  • Vikas Gupta, CEO, Play-i. Vikas is Google’s former head of consumer payments. He’s raised $8 million for Play-i’s educational robots that teach children the basics of coding.
  • Adam Adelman’s, Co-Founder and CEO, Mighty Cast. In May Mighty Cast unveiled a new developer platform for its wearable watch-like device dubbed the NEX Band.
  • Sébastien Borget’s, Co-Founder and COO, two year old Pixowl Games. Pixowl has seen users surged past 10 million with 350,000 daily active users.
  • Pramod Sharma’s, Co-Founder and CEO, Osmo. Osmo connects iOS kids’ games with the real world.

Additional speakers announced today include:

Alice Brooks, Co-Founder, Roominate
Michael Cai, Senior Vice President of Research, Interpret
Donnie Kerrigan , Founder and MD, Chunk
Nancy MacIntyre, CEO, Fingerprint
Billy Macqueen, Co-Director, Darrall Macqueen Ltd
Izzy Neis, Director of Digital Strategy and Engagement, Metaverse Mod Squad
Luca Prasso, CEO, Co-Founder, Curious Hat
Vicky Rideout, Editor of Reviews and Commentary, Journal of Children and Media
Natalie Shahmiri, Marketing Director, Smart Bomb Interactive

These are just a few, with more on the way.

Take a moment to register now. Attendees have multiple registration options: registering for DKS Entertainment Day (Oct. 22nd), registering for DKS Learning Day (Oct. 21st) – or registering for both days at a great discount. Registration for a single day is $295 when you register prior to September 19th. Registration for both days - All Access Pass – is only $100 more by September 19th.



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